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The Almshouses at Stone's Court, St Clements

Almshouses throughout England and Wales have over many centuries sought to provide accommodation for those who could not afford to buy or rent. The City of Oxford Charity almshouses are at Stone's Court, St Clements and applications can be accepted from residents of the City of Oxford, preference being given to the elderly. Applicants must be in need, hardship or distress.

The Almshouses are arranged in three blocks:

Stones, the original foundation, now consists of one flat for a married couple and four one-bedroom flats. This block was renovated and modernised in 2009 winning an award from Oxford Preservation Trust and the Patron’s Award from the Almshouse Association.

Mary Duncan, built in the 1960's, consists of eight flats. There is also an additional one bedroom flat adapted for an ambulant disabled person.

Parsons, also built in the 1960's with similar accommodation to Mary Duncan but without the disabled flat.

As a standard, the accommodation provides a living room, separate kitchen, bedroom and en-suite bathroom. The accommodation and services offered are designed with a view to residents being able to live independently. The accommodation is provided unfurnished, although a cooker is provided. However, as a communal laundry facility is provided, there is no plumbing provided in individual properties for a washing machine.

There is a manager, currently Philippa Burne. There is a Community Room for the use of the residents, and a Guest Room for visitors. A 24 hour emergency call system is installed in all flats.

Vacancies are advertised as they arise with local agencies etc., and on this website. Applicants should normally be resident in the City of Oxford at the time of application. Application forms can be obtained from the Charity Administrator (see contact details).

The Trustees will consider all applications and an offer of accommodation will be made to whichever applicant is considered to be most appropriate at that time, having regard to their need and suitability.

Residents are required to contribute to the expense of running Stones Court and pay a Weekly Maintenance Charge (WMC). Information as to the current level of the WMC can be obtained from the office. Many of our residents receive Housing Benefit and/or Supporting People to assist with this payment.

Prospective applicants’ details can be kept on file for 1 year if there is no vacancy at the time of enquiry. We do not hold completed applications on file as an applicant’s circumstances are likely to change whilst waiting for a vacancy to arise, but we will make contact during this year if a vacancy does arise.

The Trustees have policies in place for equal opportunities, diversity, health and safety and anti-social behaviour.

PLEASE NOTE: The Trustees normally define ‘resident’ as someone who has resided for a minimum period of three years in the City of Oxford, and do not consider as residents those who are in the City solely for the purpose of education, for example, as a student at one of the universities or at college. 


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